Online Visa Application

You can now apply for Tourist visa online by submitting the online visa application form on the website of Embassy of Nepal, Canberra. For more information, please click the button below.
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Applying for Tourist Visa

Please download the application form below which includes an information sheet, for a Tourist Visa. The Visa issued is a ‘Multiple Entry Visa’ for either 15, 30 or 90 days, and is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

15 days multiple entryValid for 15 days from date of arrivalAU$60.00
For on the spot or urgent processing add $25.00
30 days multiple entryValid for 30 days from date of arrivalAU$96.00
For on the spot or urgent processing add $25.00
90 days multiple entryValid for 90 days from date of arrivalAU$240.00
For on the spot or urgent processing add $25.00

Please note:

  • Visas must be used within 6 months of the date of issue.
  • Visa once issued cannot be withdrawn and visa fee will not be refunded after visa is issued.
  • Children under the age of 10 must still apply for a visa but will not be charged the cost for regular visa processing. However an on the spot visa fee of $25 will apply if urgent processing is required.

How to apply

The simplest and quickest way to get a Visa is ‘in person’ by attending the Consulate Office. The Consulate is located in Australia Asia House at 275 Stirling Street Perth, on the corner of Bulwer Street. There is two hour free parking available in Bulwer Street.

By getting your visa from the office, there is no waiting or postage involved and you do not lose sight of your passport. The process takes only a few minutes, and the approved visa is complete and in your passport.

I almost always attend the office on Wednesdays from 10:15AM to 12.30PM and am available to issue visas ‘on the spot’. Please note the $25 fee for ‘on the spot’ processing.

Whilst an appointment is not a requirement during those hours, it is highly advisable to ring to ensure that you are not clashing with an appointment and have to wait.

Other ways of acquiring a visa are:

  • By using the mail process described on the application form;
  • By arranging a meeting at a time and place of our mutual agreement; or
  • By ringing me to arrange an appointment at the office on another day, Monday to Thursday from 10.30AM to 2.30PM.
  • If you live south of Perth, it may be convenient for you to visit my residence in Halls Head to have the visa issued.

In order to ensure the process is efficient and accurate;

  • Just in case an alteration to our arrangement becomes necessary, include a contact phone number and your date of departure from Perth.
  • when printing the form please check to ensure that the whole of the form, especially the lower ‘OFFICE USE ONLY’ lines have been printed;
  • if the applicant is a minor, aged under 18, ensure that both the ‘minor’ applicant and at least one parent or guardian sign the form; and have proof of the parent’s signature by either Driver’s Licence or Passport; and finally
  • have the passport photo adhered to the form prior to attending the office.

As well as the above, MOST IMPORTANTLY, and finally

  • Check the form to ensure that ALL required information is provided. If all the required information is not provided, then I am not authorised to issue the visa.

Please note that when attending the Consulate, it is NOT necessary for the visa applicant to be present. A parent / guardian or representative is sufficient.  It is advisable to allow at least two weeks prior to travel to ensure getting a visa on time. I am the only member of staff at the Consulate.

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